Vol 6 (2016)


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Presepsin as an important diagnostic biomarker that differentiates sepsis from non-infectious SIRS in critical ill adult patients: A system review and meta-analysis 181
Dan Xie, Kunpeng Hu, Purun Lei, Ying Xian, Ying Wang, Xiaogang Bi, Kouxing Zhang
Clinical efficacy of Platelet Rich Fibrin in tooth pulp revascularization in treating periapical periodontitis of immature permanent teeth 182
Hongli Yang, Lei Shi, Hong Chen, Zhongpin Yin, Ping Li
Detection and clinical observation of t(6;11)(q27;q23)/MLL-AF6 acute leukemia 183
Dongning Wang, Yinzhu Zeng, Yi He, Xudong LI
Clinical study of Dipeptide Glutamine for its intestinal protective effect in pediatric HSCT 184
Wenjun Weng, Jianpei Fang, Lvhong Xu, Ke Huang, Yang Li


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